David Knight - 13th Feb 2020

Sasha Lane plays a sensitive free spirit, bolstered by a loving boyfriend and family, in Kyle Thrash’s deeply affecting video for Lewis Capaldi’s Before You Go. 

Thrash has built a reputation with some remarkable documentary music videos, characterised by the raw and fluid approach to his subject matter. He employs the same techniques here, this time for a fictional narrative. 

In fact the films shows Lane's character at her happiest. But the world that Thrash creates through the setting and camera style works with her and the other actors to suggest something deeper and darker. That, and Capaldi's heartfelt vocal of this poignant song, prepares us for tragedy.

Lewis Capaldi drew on childhood memories of his aunt, who committed suicide when he was young, in writing Before You Go, about the complex emotions felt by the people who were left behind. Thrash's video captures something of that complexity.

It is also the first video directed by Thrash since he joined Mouthpiece for UK director's representation - a new independent director's representation agency, launched by Claire Stubbs, former executive producer and director's rep at Partizan and Darkroom.

Stubbs' roster at Mouthpiece includes directors from Academy, Partizan, Darkroom, Neighborhood Watch and Spindle. "I’m very excited about the move into repping," she says. "And I’m honoured to be working with such talented directors and E.P.’s." 


We kept it loose so Sasha could improvise and make it her own.

"Lewis came to me with the track and mentioned he had written it about his Aunt who unfortunately had taken her own life and what he wishes he had said to her before she passed. We talked about not wanting it to be a downer video but more a celebration of life and what you remember about someone and carry on from their memory.

"We cast Sasha Lane who is just filled with magic, and kept it loose so she could improvise and make it her own. It was 6 days and 15 locations but I hope we captured some human moments that people can connect and resonate with."

PRO Credits


DirectorKyle Thrash
ProducerKrista Worby
Production CompanyMore Media
Executive ProducerStephen Buchanan
Production ManagerCat McCabe
1st ADNelson Quinones
Director of PhotographyFrank Mobilio
Focus PullerSteven Mccrary
2nd ACEvan Mcintosh
GafferJafari Barnard
Art DirectorMichelle Li
WardrobeAaron Crosby
HairLisa Pope
EditorMatt Schaff
ColouristSamuel Gursky
Grading companyIrving Harvey
Lead actorSasha Lane
Director's RepresentationClaire Stubbs @ Mouthpiece
CommissionerJames Hackett
LabelVirgin EMI
Other creditsCast: Cypress Hayunga, Jack Luceno, Romey Morello

David Knight - 13th Feb 2020

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