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Fat Dog 'Running' by Stephen Agnew

Rob Ulitski - 25th Apr 2024

Stephen Agnew teams up with South London alt-rock agitators Fat Dog to create a remarkable, trippy six minute epic about the mind-boggling antics of a bunch of cow skull-worshipping misfits, for the band's third single Running. 

The hugely ambitious video chronicles the rise and rise of this offbeat group, utilizing a range of cinematic styles and influences as they progress from beach-dwelling hippies (who discover the aforementioned cow skull) to tracksuit-wearing cultists - and way, way beyond.

Agnew taps into his wide repertoire of influences - Heavens Gate, the films of Dario Argento and David Icke's wardrobe, to name a few - and love of horror and folk stories for a visual experience which is both intense and unhinged, and perfectly complementary to Fat Dog's brilliant track.

From the beautifully realised opening section in stark monochrome and boxy framing, Agnew introduces colour and widescreen cinematography as the cow skull worshippers settle into a comfortable suburban existence - and start to develop special powers. 

Through the off-the wall narrative and wonderfully feverish edit by Thomas Goldser, Agnew keeps raises questions, and just keeps you guessing what will happen next. It just keeps hurtling forward, culminating in a data-moshed sequence with the impact of an intrusive CT scan, followed by a mysterious spoken-word coda. 

Fat Dog look like being one of the most exciting new bands this year and Agnew's video - conjuring both the energetic, fizzing ferocity of an early 2000s indie gem, with the claws and snarl of a late stage capitalism nightmare - will help put them on the map, fair and square. A must-watch.

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Rob Ulitski - 25th Apr 2024


  • Narrative
  • Pick of the Day
  • Monochromatic
  • Cult
  • Performance
  • Aesthetic
  • Whimsical

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Stephen Agnew
Liam Wallace Cook
Production Company
Executive Producer
Natalia Maus
1st AD
Danny Rumbelow


Director of Photography
Jed Darlington-Roberts
Focus Puller
Darius Williams
2nd AC
Samuel A. Harvey


Art Director
Jessica Mallalieu
Production designer
Joe Munro
Art Assistant
Nik Fisher


Hannah Mason


Thomas Goldser
Editing company


Sharon Chung


Domino Recording Co

Rob Ulitski - 25th Apr 2024

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