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Stormzy ft Fredo 'Toxic Trait' by Femi Ladi

Rob Ulitski - 5th July 2023

When Stormzy does videos, he does them big, and the video for Toxic Trait, directed by Femi Ladi, is no different, boasting a tour de force of set builds, visual effects and cameos - delivered with a mesmerizing motion controlled camera move.

What's more, there's a dramatised therapy session featuring guest artist Fredo - with his therapist played by TV royalty Alison Hammond.

The video fictionally contextualises a plethora of 'toxic' situations that Stormzy refers to in the track, honing in on gambling, violence and the glorification of luxury lifestyles. And as the camera shifts between multiple versions of the grime superstar, Ladi introduces significant, historical cultural moments from over the years, including the iconic 1968 Esquire Magazine cover of Muhammed Ali and Kehinde Wiley’s prominent painting, A Ship Of Fools.

When the action breaks for the therapy scene with Fredo and Hammond, it's a welcome development of the theme that also adds a touch of humour. Then it concludes with a group-therapy session which features further cameos from a range of British figureheads including Ivorian Doll, Wretch 32 and Specs Gonzalez.

Filmed in London earlier this year, the majority of the visual was shot on a high-speed, cinema robot camera, capable of horizontal and vertical movement speeds of up to 2 metres per second.

“After listening to the lyrics, I wanted to have fun with this video," Femi Ladi has stated. "I liked the idea of bringing a Renaissance-style painting to life, whilst still feeling grounded in the world of Stormzy.

"We collaborated on all the scenarios together which was great - as well as being able to bring in the
likes of Fredo and Alison Hammond for their own toxic therapy sessions!"

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Rob Ulitski - 5th July 2023


  • Motion control
  • Grime
  • Rap
  • Performance
  • Cameo
  • VFX
  • Theatrical
  • Cinematic
  • Set Build

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Femi Ladi
Head Of Production
Georgina Fillmore
Tom Gardner
Production Company
Executive Producer
Saskia Whinney
Executive Producer
Chris Watling
Production Manager
Max Harrison
1st AD
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Sophie Dembitzer, Bella Meyer
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Edie Kelly, Ted Kelly, Anisay Taha
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Ed Livesey


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Jack Hallett @ Factory
Executive Producer/Head of Production
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Kieran Mistry and Destinie Paige


Lewis Crossfield


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Post production company


Music Video Representation



Other credits

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Marshall Baron

Assistant Armourer

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℅ Red Hot Box

Location Manager

James Khoury


Coffee Medic

Rob Ulitski - 5th July 2023

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