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Jacques 'Ordinary Victories' by Pantera

Rob Ulitski - 13th Apr 2022

Directing duo Pantera - that's Pato Martinez and Francisco Canton - have directed a series of wonderfully zany mini-films to tease French musician Jacques' new album Ordinary Victories

The nine-minute epic introduces us to the artist - and his distinctive hairstyle - as his head opens up to reveal a smorsgabord of weird and wonderful influences.

Pantera and Jacques have released the project in chapter form, which serve up individual moments from the album within a surreal drama, and that also serves the wonderfully absurdist quality of their collaboration. We follow Jacques through Parisian streets, a journey exporing the inside of his trouser pocket and into a shallow grave - and that's just scratching the surface... 

Whimsical, delirious and eccentric, this is a brilliantly-made piece of work by Pantera - produced by the team at SOLAB in Paris - and a very promising introduction to the artist and his unique aesthetic. 

Rob Ulitski - 13th Apr 2022


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Nicolas Tiry
Edouard Chassaing
Production Company
Executive Producer
Sarah Gabay-Rehel
Executive Producer
Evan Djenki
Production Manager
Adèle Barach


Director of Photography
Konstantin Mazov
Focus Puller
Mica Albanese
2nd AC
Renata Juncadella
2nd AC
Adrien Savary
2nd AC
Pauline Guyot-walser

Rob Ulitski - 13th Apr 2022

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