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Mahalia ft Rico Nasty 'Jealous' by Melody Maker

Rob Ulitski - 24th Feb 2021

Melody Maker embraces a slick, cyberpunk aesthetic in her gripping promo for Mahalia's Jealous, featuring Rico Nasty. 

Invading a former lover's mansion, decked head to toe in futuristic styling, Mahalia isn't here to play games. Stalking the overtly neon blue environment, she glitches in and out of reality, joined by US-based rapper Rico Nasty, who terrorises the guy through different TV screens spotted around the house. 

A true feat, this is Mahalia as you've never seen her before, and no doubt one of her very best videos. DoP Olan Collardy embraces the future-tech concept, and switches up the angles and camera movement at every possible moment, mirroring the frenetic, dreamlike vibe. 



I aimed to visually reference the movie Belly... with strong washes of colour and powerful contrasting production design.

"Working with Mahalia to create Jealous encompassed so many exciting and rewarding challenges for me. The opportunity to create a stunning and gripping piece was one myself and my crew relished.

"Bringing my vision to life was so much fun. I loved the lighting elements of the piece throughout. We used this element to grow the intrigue and suspense ultimately reaching a dramatic crescendo that works seamlessly with this incredible song.

"I aimed to visually reference Belly, a film that had always stuck with me from my youth, with strong washes of colour and powerful contrasting production design.

"I found the chance to touch on new technologies and their uses both intriguing and terrifying, I've always shown an interest in this but in all honesty I am slightly technophobic. Looking back I see elements of Psycho... maybe this was my underlying fears of the future creeping in.

"Finally, I loved being able to customise elements of the video towards such a talented artist, using her logo and number plate in various sections really personalised the video and left myself, my crew and hopefully Mahalia something we can look back on with immense pride and satisfaction."

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Rob Ulitski - 24th Feb 2021


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Melody Maker
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ramy Dance
1st AD
Chris Malin


Director of Photography
Olan Collardy
Focus Puller
Marcus Albertsen
2nd AC
Jomar O'Meally
Matt Alsop


Kieran Brown


Art Director
Louis Simonon


Meg Thorne
Editing company


Thomas Mangham
Colour grade company
The Mill


Atlantic Records


2nd unit director
Ramy Dance
2nd Unit DoP
Arran Green

Other credits

2nd Unit AC

Joseph Edwards

2nd AD

James Matthew Read


Amarjeet Singh, Shaun Clarke, Johnjoe Besagni


Rob Gifford

Art Assist

Tomomi Kishimotoeley

Covid Supervisor/Medic

Adam Young


Efosa Osaghae, Bertie Merch


Demi Rox, Taitlyn Jaiy, Kaylee Jaiy

Styling Dancers

Holly Rose

HMU Dancers & Guy

Billie McKenzie & Rio Sreedharan


Steve Oluwo

US Rico Production & DOP

Spudds McKenzie

Quarry Producer

Jenn Saunders

Executive Producer, Colour

Charlie Morris

Girl Artwork

Julia Salnikova

Special Thanks To

Clarks The Baskerville Andrew And Rachel @Sereno

Rob Ulitski - 24th Feb 2021

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