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Boy Pablo 'Rest Up', 'Leave Me Alone!', 'Wachito Rico' by Bedroom

Rob Ulitski - 29th Oct 2020

Having just completed a five-part series for Beabadoobee, directing duo Bedroom follow up with a new visual album project for Norway-based Boy Pablo - and it's brilliant.

The three videos continue the story of the singer-songwriter's Wachito Rico series to its conclusion - after the first two chapters, for Hey Girl and Honey - following Pablo's alter-ego Wachito on a series of adventures in characteristically charming and visually inventive ways by Soren Harrison and Amir Hossain, aka Bedroom.

In Rest Up, we catch up on Pablo/Wachito's infatuation with the love of his life, Sofia. He goes on a surreal road trip, camping in the woods on the long journey, finding clever ways of getting in touch with her, but then things start to go horribly wrong.  

Depicted in true Bedroom fashion, the duo use greenscreen and animation to add a whimsical and quirky touch to the already zany world of Boy Pablo, while DoP Nico Poulsson maintains the look and spirit of the previous videos in the series, through great composition and restrained camera movement. And most importantly, thanks to the marvellous old -school narration by Rick Kirkham - from Tiger King - we definitely need to find out what happens next.

In Chapter 4, Leave Me Alone!, we catch up with Pablo/Wachito Rico on the way to a party to take his mind off Sofia - and the fact he may not see her again. And things seem to be going pretty well - until Wichito has an an encounter with his older cousin Estaban.

Once again, Bedroom elevate the humour and charm of the narrative using their signature techniques, including illustration, narration and colourful lighting. This time they are used to emphasise emotive shifts, almost in the manner of a musical. And in the hugely enjoyable sequence, when Wichito and Estaban meet - and fight - the voiceover king Rick Kirkham returns to provide a backstory on their past, and our hero's difficulty with Sofia...

And then, finally in the eponymous Wachito Rico, Pablo/Wachito finds finds himself in a field - and he's having a conversation in his head with the God-like presence of Rick... Furthermore, his band are armed with their instruments and they decide to go all out and do their thing in the middle of the field.

Once again, Harrison and Hossain employ their infectious signature style of handheld movement mixed with blossoming colours to convey an atmosphere of genuine fun which suits another of Pablo's impressively catchy tunes. And you will just have to find out if there is a resolution to the whole Sofia thing,

One thing is certain. Boy Pablo and Bedroom rock. And so does Rick Kirkham...

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Rob Ulitski - 29th Oct 2020


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Joseph J Goldman
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Kiran Mandla
Executive Producer
Miriam Pedersen Eeg
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Director of Photography
Nico Poulsson


Charlie Reddie
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Megan Lee
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Rob Ulitski - 29th Oct 2020

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