Promo News - 27th June 2018

Chaka Khan is back! The Queen of Funk and multiple Grammy winner returns with Like Sugar, a complete funk sugar-rush of a track produced by Switch. And as a result, top commercials director Kim Gehrig has been lured back to music, for this brilliant, gif or loop-inspired video.

Like the great dance videos of the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Gehrig’s video is a simple but deceptively clever idea that’s been expertly executed with the help of the Parisian choreography duo I Could Never Be A Dancer and superstar stylist Vanessa Coyle.

In a contemporary twist, however, it depicts a succession of characters whose dance moves are looped - reflecting the rhythm track but with a visual glitch-in-the-matrix. They’re gradually layered together into an increasingly surreal mix of manic energy, gif-like dance moves and vibrant colours.


Costume designerVanessa Coyle
DirectorKim Gehrig
Production CompanySomesuch
Executive ProducerSaskia Whinney
Production ManagerMaddy Perkins
Production AssistantLiz Rufai
ChoreographerOlivier Casamayou
Director of PhotographyDeepa Keshvala
Production designerFrancesca Di Mottola
ProducerJames Waters
EditorFouad Gaber
Editing companyTrim Editing
Post ProducerJosh King
Post production companyFramestore
ColouristSimon Bourne
Grading companyFramestore
Location ManagerKim Fenton
CommissionerAilsa Robertson
LabelIsland Records

Promo News - 27th June 2018

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