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Nothing But Thieves 'Sorry' by Thomas James

David Knight - 27th July 2017

Thomas James's second video for Nothing But Thieves sees band frontman Conor Mason in a state of reflection, whilst nothing less than the end of days unfolds around him.

Shot in Kiev, and created on a similarly impressive scale as James' previous NBT video for Amsterdam, Sorry is both satisfyingly simple and detailed. A range of reactions to the imminent Apocalypse is sketched through a series of vignettes where individuals resort to anger, sex and murderous revenge, as well as family love and passive acceptance in their final hours. All the while everything revolves around Conor Mason, who walks past the ensuing chaos in a regretful, apologetic mood under a beating sun, towards his fate.       

“Sorry is about getting older and the difficulties associated with it. It’s about looking inwards and facing your demons," comments Nothing But Thieves' guitarist Joe Langridge-Brown, who penned the track. "The song hinges around a flawed individual who can’t hold down a relationship, both to the detriment of themselves and their partner.”

Thomas James adds: “The track to me felt like the last stop, a point in a relationship where you can be super honest, because it’s the end. So we took that, and exaggerated it a teeny weeny bit, and went with the end of the world. If everyone has only got a couple of hours left – you’re going to do and say exactly what you want. Whether that’s poetic human honesty, or getting dominated one last time at a sex party.”

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David Knight - 27th July 2017


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Thomas James
Sam Holmes
Production Company
Executive Producer
Martin Roker


Director of Photography
Benjamin Wearing


Production designer
Anthony Neale


Jake Armstrong
Editing company
Marshall Street Editors
Edit Producer
Carys Duffield


Oisín O’Driscoll
Colour grade company
The Mill


Post production company
Absolute Post
Post Producer
Geri Krasteva


Elizabeth Doolan
Daniel Millar
Sony Music


Production Assistant
Holly Wolfers
Production Services
Service Co Exec Producer
Sasha Chernyavsky
Service Producer
Daria Stepani
Chris Tobin
Sound design
Mike Bovill
Colour Producer
Lucy Mason

Other credits

1st AD UA

Dima Hasanov –

Production Manager UA

Andrew Naumchuk

Production Assistant UA

Jenya Goyan

Art Director UA

Daniel Dubrovsky –

Location Manager UA

Oleg Kupstow


William Stevens – Label Marketing Manager

Stefanie Reines

Artist Manager

Antonia Vlasto


David Knight - 27th July 2017

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