Promonews - 24th Dec 2018

Music videos turn pop stars into icons, and this year was no exception. Here are our favourites this year when it's been all about the performance.

That mostly means the artists who have lit up the year, but much more besides, including numerous great dance performances, and also performances tht come within a stupendous concept.

And more of than not, the performance video is where the craft of music video making comes to the fore; where the performance is framed by astonishingly great photography, production design, styling, edting and of course, direction.

So from Matty of 1975 to Christine, Florence to Rosalía (above), this is our take on the great music video performances of 2018.  

Watch 'Best Music Videos of 2018: Performance' here


Promonews - 24th Dec 2018

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