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The 1975 'Sincerity Is Scary' by Warren Fu

The 1975 'Sincerity Is Scary' by Warren Fu

Promonews - 23rd Nov 2018

The 1975's Matty Healy turns up the megawattage of his artfully ramshackle star quality in this major musical production number directed by Warren Fu for Sincerity Is Scary.

It's the first of two music videos directed by Fu for the band's forthcoming album, and its a beautifully-constructed piece made on the lines of a Hollywood musical, from the backlot staging on a typical city street, to the supporting cast of chorus girls, dancers and marching bands. And it's certainly performed with sincerity - well, up to a point.

Created in a number of long takes with mostly whip-pan to create an endless flow, Healy holds it all together with sleepy panache, and there's a nod to his obsession with Chaplinesque heroes - a little girl becomes the avatar of his silent movie character in old '75 vids. Very entertaining, not at all scary.   

“It’s been a real treat having brainstorming sessions with Matty Healy on ideas the past few months," says Warren Fu. "When it comes to music videos, it never ceases to amaze me when sketches on a whim materialise in person a few days later on set. There’s no better feeling.”

Watch 'The 1975 'Sincerity Is Scary' by Warren Fu' here

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Promonews - 23rd Nov 2018


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Warren Fu
Jona Ward
Production Company
Executive Producer
Whitney Jackson
Executive Producer
Claire Stubbs
Production Manager
Rachel Ottenstein
1st AD
Eric Schneider


Director of Photography
Byron Werner
Focus Puller
Nick Bianchi
2nd AC
Andy Chen


Chris Tonkovich


Art Director
Christian Stone


Director's Representation


Semera Khan / Ed Blow
Dirty Hit

Other credits

Stunt Coordinator

Taylor Estevez

EP's Assistant

Meredith Kurey

Director's Assistant

Elissa Nechamkin

Promonews - 23rd Nov 2018

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