Promonews - 9th Oct 2018

Henry Scholfield’s latest work for Billie Eilish, sees the award winning Caviar director collaborate once again with Mosaert (Paul ‘Stromae’ Van and Luc Jr Tam) on the concept. The film sees Billie with a boy in a choreographic narrative of unrequited love in a minimalist space that ebbs, flows and eventually engulfs him.

Scholfield comments, “It’s a story of suffocating love, so we had this idea that the room itself is like an extension of Billie’s subconscious, an echo of her own emotions. Shivering in tender moments or lashing out in the pain of rejection and eventually conspiring to hold him hostage.”

The majority of the effects were captured for real, with a combination of in camera techniques and VFX where necessary. The director notes that “it was important for us to have as much of the mechanics and movement of the space happen in camera in order to make the relationship between them and the space more tangible. Of course there was some ‘enhancement’ especially with the sinews that bind him at the end.”

In reference to Billie’s on-screen partner, Scholfield comments, “The dancer is an amazing young talent called Deyck. Not only is he an incredible dancer, but he could play mix of softness or earnestness to juxtapose with his natural masculinity.”

On Billie, he comments, “She has an incredible sense of self, great ideas and a confidence that lets her craft crazily compelling performances. She only admitted when pushed that she had also been a dancer and 'done a little acting'. It was wonderful to collaborate with her... she’s wicked talented.”

PRO Credits


DirectorHenry Scholfield
ProducerCampbell Beaton
Production CompanyCaviar
Executive ProducerKatie Dolan
Executive ProducerKim Dellara
Director of PhotographyPau Castejón
Production designerFernanda Guerrero
ChoreographerMatty Peacock
CommissionerMichelle An
CommissionerAlexa Dedlow
CommissionerNathalie Besharat

Promonews - 9th Oct 2018

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