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Best Music Videos of 2018: Our Favourite Videos Of The Year

Best Music Videos of 2018: Our Favourite Videos Of The Year

David Knight - 31st Dec 2018

So after our pick of the best videos under the headings of Animation, Narrative, Comedy and Performance, now here's our ultimate list of the best of the best, the absolute bangers... our favourite videos of 2018. 

In truth, this was the year when one video bestrode all others like a colossus. Hiro Murai's video for Childish Gambino's This Is America skewered the mores of a nation in a brave visual satire that transfixed the world, and became a era-defining cultural moment.

But This Is America was not the only video of 2018 where the grand vision of the director dovetailed with the music to achieve something wonderful and extraordinary. In our view, everything on this list got to that exceptional level.

So take a look at the videos we loved, from A$AP Rocky to Sevdaliza (above), created by a wonderful selection of highly talented filmmakers - directors, producers, DoPs, editors and more.

These are just some of the directors featured on our Favourite Videos of the Year: AG Rojas, Allie Avital, Autumn de Wilde, The Alrics (aka The Blaze), Bouha Kazmi, CANADA, Carlos Lopez Estrada, CC Wade, Dom+Nic, Emmanuel Adjei, Kim Gehrig, Frank Lebon, the aforementioned Murai, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Jodeb, Nadia Lee Cohen, Oscar Hudson, Tomokazu Yamada and Young Replicant.

You can also watch all the videos on our Best of 2018 YouTube playlist.  


David Knight - 31st Dec 2018


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