Promo News - 20th Dec 2018

From straight documentary to surreal flights of fancy, narrative is the backbone of so many type of music videos. And this year has seen a rich vein of storytelling in music videos. 

So here's our (very) subjective pick of the best narrative videos for 2018 - which doesn't include comedic narrative, which we'll cover in another, upcoming Best of Year list.

From A$AP Rocky's nightclub demise, to a couple's argument on a cold London street for Wretch 32, this takes in all sorts of work (and budgets), shot all over the world. And whether they have been created by a well-established director - like Seb Edwards for Jon Hopkins, or Rian Johnson for LCD Soundsystem (above) or an up and coming talent - Geej Ower for Becky and the Birds, Samuel Taylor for Dirty Danger, Charlotte Regan for the aforementioned Wretch 32, to name a few - each one is guided by an outstanding directorial vision.  

Promo News - 20th Dec 2018

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