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Solomon Grey 'Wonderful World' by Niall O'Brien

Solomon Grey 'Wonderful World' by Niall O'Brien

Promonews - 9th Mar 2018

Wonderful World was written about Solomon Grey singer Joe accompanying his mother to Dignitas, and his conflicting feelings of experiencing both loss and comfort knowing she had made the choice she wanted to make.

Then the band partnered with Niall O’Brien on the visuals, using his footage of a couple, Blake and Dana, navigating a life on the peripheries of society, that he filmed in 2016. It's powerful and ultimately it's utterly life-affirming.


"Bascom is a 7 mile avenue stretching over three cities in the Santa Clara County, California. It is where the tech industry holds court and possibly one of the most expensive areas in the world to live. In turn, the homelessness there is a big problem and even the middle classes have had to live in their cars prompting California’s “Safe Parking Programme”.

"While photographing the Avenue I met a homeless veteran called Blake, 'the happiest homeless man out here'. Blake has lived life and found contentment in living in an alleyway behind a Jack in the Box on the Ave.

"About five months prior to our meeting, Blake had met a girl, Dana, and they fell in love quickly. Blake has helped Dana through a lot. A harrowing history of drugs, physical abuse and loss. He has become her rock and helps her to learn and understand the joys of life. In turn, Dana has shown Blake that he doesn’t need to be alone. This film is a short insight into their lives and the hope they have with each other.

"The film was shot in summer 2016 over four months. The beautiful track Wonderful World and the footage was one of those things that were just meant to be together, a rolling theme. Blake and Dana are still going strong."

Watch 'Solomon Grey 'Wonderful World' by Niall O'Brien' here

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Promonews - 9th Mar 2018


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Niall O'Brien
Leah Joyce
Production Company


Director of Photography
Niall O'Brien


Paul O'Reilly
Editing company


Seamus O'Kane
Colour grade company
The Mill


Hamish Duff
Mercury Kx


Sound design
Mark Hills

Promonews - 9th Mar 2018

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