Promo News - 2nd Aug 2018

The seven minute cinematic experience created by director Emmanuel Adjei for artist Sevdaliza explores and questions the fascinations and desires of the human mind, telling the story of the black man, who continues life in a cycle of oppression. The modern chains, of aspiring for success, power and decadence that create a false sense of freedom and autonomy. 

The video has a decisive sci-fi feel to it, the three year project utilising impressive special effects that give the expansive and empty desert an other-worldly feel. Having collaborated on other projects together in the past, Emmanuel Adjei and Sevdaliza have created a highly sophisticated, complex and beautifully executed piece. More an art film than merely a music video.

Sevdaliza 'Shahmaran' by Emmanuel Adjei


Carrying the burden of their ancestors, most black men today are still born into an environment that limits their freedom. Lost in a hazardous place from which they can’t seem to escape, their survival mechanisms have become their guide when making decisions. Whilst growing up, they have learned to fixate on the place where they know they need to be. Drawn to the dream of having power and success, they hold on to a false idea of autonomy. Yet, it is this house of freedom that has enslaved these men again. Chained to a fantasy, often of a materialistic nature, they remain upright throughout survival.


DirectorEmmanuel Adjei
ProducerMelodie Saba
ProducerChris Toumazou
Production CompanyCOMPULSORY
Executive ProducerChris Toumazou
Executive ProducerGijs Determeijer
Executive ProducerSam Fontaine
Executive ProducerMelodie Saba
1st ADJesse Hays
Director of PhotographyPaul Özgür
Focus PullerAi Dang
2nd ACHarper Thomas
GafferScott Ray
Art DirectorMiranda Lorenz
WardrobeInez Naomi
HairDevin Bianchini
Make-upCarla Rosso
EditorEmmanuel Adjei
EditorLeila Sarraf
EditorMarleen Ozgur
Editing companyTrim
ColouristVincent Heine
Grading companyMathamatic
Post production companyMathematic
Post ProducerGuillaume Marien
VFXFred Brandon
VFXYann Aldabe
Lead actorSevdaliza
Lead actorAnunnaki The Great
Director's RepresentationCompulsory.
CommissionerHeadfirst Mgmt
LabelTwisted Elegance
Production CompanyHandsome
Production CompanyHALAL
Other creditsProduction Services: Paranoiia Productions Producer: Andrea Sastoque, Ariel Navarrete Spahn Prod. Coordinator: Fabien Colas Sound-designer: Sharkee Steadicam Parker Brooks, Chris Loh Drone Operator: Josh Yeo PA: Nick Weir, Camilo Godoy, Ann Kocarek Costume Designer: Creepy Yeeha Stylist: Kristin Kathol Special Thanks: Wetransfer, LBBonline, Biz3, Headfirst Music, Kadri Mahmoud, Kiran Mandla, Benjamin Mamou, Ine Kim, Phoebe Siggins, Red Bull Music

Promo News - 2nd Aug 2018

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