Lassamie Prasimay - 11th June 2018

Colourful, crazy and insanely creative, Tierra Whack welcomes us to her world through the visual and auditory project ‘Whack World’, brought to life in collaboration with Thibault Duverneix, Mathieu Léger and Gentilhomme.

The fifteen minute video is made up of fifteen interlinking narratives for each of the songs featured on the album, each paired with their own scenery and different arrays of quirky characters. The transitions between clips are subtle and clever, from a leaflet for a Chinese restaurant on a coffee table cutting to the menu on the counter for ‘4 Wings’, a visual appearance associated to Luigi lyrics in ‘Fruit Salad’, or even literally opening a door to the next world of ‘Flea Market’.

Tierra Whack travels between the scenes, playfully impersonating multiple personas living through the scenarios of her songs. From chic to dog groomer to sweaty sport attire, each character was carefully designed to match her world’s surroundings, whether it be the sparkly neon of ‘Hungry Hippo’ or the sinister fogginess in ‘Pet Cemetery’.

Needless to say this project has explored a wide variety of creative possibility through art direction, immediately drawing the viewer with vibrant colours and lighting , weird creatures and storylines and extraordinary set design.


DirectorThibault Duverneix
DirectorMathieu Léger
Production CompanyGentilhomme

Lassamie Prasimay - 11th June 2018

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