David Knight - 15th Nov 2018

Dom&Nic are back, with another tour de force for The Chemical Brothers. And for the directors who have been making videos for the Chems for over two decades, this one for Free Yourself spins another twist on the theme that has occupied them several times before. Yes, the robots are coming - but this time, it's different. They've come to party.

When the nightwatchman arrives at work, past a crowd of protesters, angry that robots have taken their jobs, he is unaware that these artificial workers, packed away in boxes, about to be sent far and wide to their appointed roles, are breaking out of their boxes. What follows is an ensemble piece, as the androids do en masse what you'd least expect. They want to have fun.

Having collaborated with The Mill in London on their previous Chemical Brothers video, 2016's Wide Open, Dom&NIc (that's Dominic Hawley and Nicholas Goffey) have gone back to the visual effects studio to achieve something of similar magnitude. But this is also been a quite different challenge from Wide Open, where they were turning a human into an android.

This time it's the sheer volume of different characters, all brilliantly achieved by The Mill's VFX artists and animators, that make the Free Yourself video something to savour. In fact, it definitely takes a few views to get a complete handle on everything that is going on. And, arguably, the fact that this is essentially a lighthearted, even comic, piece.

What's clear is that Dom&Nic's 23 years of experience making Chemical Brothers videos - including the dancing skeletons of Hey Boy, Hey Girl, the killer robot of Believe, and the android of Wide Open - has all gone into making this one.


ProducerJohn Madsen
Production CompanyOutsider
Production ManagerSteve Elgar
Director of PhotographyAlex Barber
EditorEd Cheesman
Post production companyThe Mill
Executive ProducerAlex Fitzgerald
Post ProducerImogen Pai
ColouristDave Ludlum
Sound designAnthony Moore
CommissionerAilsa Robertson
VFX SupervisorSuraj ‘Sid’ Harrington-Odedra
VFX SupervisorFergal Hendrick
Other creditsShoot Supervisors: Fergal Hendrick, Matthew Kavanagh, Pavel Mamichev, Suraj ‘Sid’ Harrington-Odedra Lidar Scanning: Efficacy 4D (Duncan Lees, Jandira Guasque) Face Scanning: FBFX VFX Creative: The Mill Creative Directors: Jorge Montiel & Wes Lead Rigging/Animation: Matthew Kavanagh Lead Modeller: Ashley Tilley Lead Lighting: Clement Granjon Compositors: Declan Andrews, Pete Hodsman, Sole Martin, Jack Pond, Alfie Vaughan, Rakesh Venugopalan Rigging: Peter Agg, Mario Ercolano, Andreas Graichen, Phuong ‘Karo’ Nguyen Animators: Nicola Gilbert, Kieran Jordan, Kevin O’Sullivan, Maria Robertson, Jimmy Thomas Modelling/Texturing:: Will Burdett, Alwin Durez, Oliver Hallas, Pavel Mamichev, Anish Mohan, Bethan Williams Lighting: Amaan Akram, Max Auer, Carlo Carfora, Vaclav Cizkovsky, Kate Gabriel FX: Oleks Panaskevych, Dan Yargici Tracking: Senthil Murgan Balasundaram, Sendil Kumar J Concept: Matthew Campbell, Carlos Nieto, Sunil Pant, Ross Urien

David Knight - 15th Nov 2018

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