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Tom Grennan 'Remind Me' by KC Locke

Rob Ulitski - 19th Apr 2022

KC Locke directs a mesmerising promo for Tom Grennan's latest anthem. 

The video for Remind Me follows Grennan as he transitions through a maze of vignettes, starting in a white hallway and ending up on a rooftop - with a breathtaking photorealistic CGI car drive through the city as its centrepiece. That's is the standout moment of the concept, and a lot of work went into bringing it to life on-screen - as KC explains below. 

The end result is a visual with maximum impact, and a completely new direction for Grennan's videography.  

We are pushing the boundaries with each project... doing something different that stands out from the norm.

"A lot of hard work, planning, dedication and long hours from the whole team went into making this idea come to life!

" says Locke. 

"Prep for me is so important on each any every job, I spend a long time blocking out and planning each scene, camera movement, emotion, performance and flow. Tom Grennan is such a pleasure to work with, which gave me confidence in bringing something to him that’s far different to his previous videos and gave us a new world to explore and develop.

"Once the plan was together, Jamil Shaukat (editor) helped put together a pre-vis which became the main reference point during all client & HOD communications alone with the shortlist and written scripts. The team at LMNTL who we work closely with put a lot of hard work and effort into bringing the CGI elements of this visual to life.

 Jenny O’Sullivan (production designer) and her art and construction team brought to life the practical sets and blue screen elements which worked seamlessly with CGI integration.

"It became a bit of a military operation for Lewis Nicholson (producer) and our production team making this ambitious concept work logistically using our 13,000 sq ft film studio in Manchester. Nick Platt (gaffer) pulled out all the stops and brought in his experienced team from DropCity to handle the multiple lighting set ups and mountains of kit needed to pull this off in a day. 

DoP Pieter Snyman understood what I was wanting to achieve and really supported me in bringing this idea to life!

"We are pushing the boundaries with each project and it is important to be doing something different that stands out from the norm.

"Big thanks to the entire team for taking on the challenge of bringing high speed city car chases, magical maze labyrinths and cinematic rooftop worlds to life! We are very proud of the results and want to thank Tom for putting his trust in us and video commissioner Kat Cattaneo and Sony Music for supporting the journey."

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Rob Ulitski - 19th Apr 2022


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KC Locke
Lewis Nicholson
Production Company
Swords & Eagles
Executive Producer
Marisa Garner
Production Manager
Leerana Roberts
1st AD
Ben Eve
2nd AD
Lewis Evers
Location Manager
Jacob Dowdle
Adam Cruttenden
Mo. Dukali


Director of Photography
Pieter Snyman
Focus Puller
Sean Lomax
2nd AC
Danny Usman
Jay Jaramillo Gomez


Nick Platt
Rik Forman, Ronnie Emerson, Jack Skipper


Production designer
Jenny O'Sullivan
Construction Manager
Leo O'Brien
Art Assistant
Ed Kelly


Lisa Dunt
Cinta Millar


Movement Director
Jamie Neale


Jamil Shaukat
Editing company
Swords & Eagles


Colour Producer
Charlie Morris
Alex Gregory
Colour grade company




Director's Representation


Kat Cattaneo
Sony Music

Rob Ulitski - 19th Apr 2022

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