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Duvall & Sam Gray 'Good Feeling' by Ricky Gibb

Rob Ulitski - 11th Apr 2022

A fun-loving fugitive is on the run in a world where joy is outlawed, in Ricky Gibb's entertaining video for Duvall & Sam Gray's Good Feeling.

In the extended intro to the video, the scene is set where Brady, the desperately thrill-seeking lead character, is cornered by a pair of plain-clothes Fun Police, finding refuge in a dreary bar that is sparsely populated with a handful of downtrodden characters. From there the director shows his skill with an ensemble of comedy actors, as with his recent video for Murkage Dave, in an inventive take on the classic hostage-taking narrative.

"Good Feeling was such a fun track to write to," says Gibb. "On the surface the music is super sunny and feel-good, but the lyrics talk about isolation and the idea of coming to terms with oneself. It’s an interesting mix, and definitely provided a lot of food for thought for the writing process."

It's a playful and often hilarious central narrative - where the Fun Police's ploy of smuggling a speaker in the pizza boy's delivery spectacularly backfires. But ultimately, this succeeds thanks to some impressive performances from a cast committed to delivering this far-fetched, high-concept idea. 

"I feel like we all just want to crack on with our lives in relative peace without being fucked with," continues Gibb. "So being able to explore this desire through the character of Brady was probably quite a cathartic process for me. Looking back across my work, it seems like I find a lot of joy in forcing characters (often the artist) to navigate some real compromising situations.

"I’ve been reflecting on why this might be, and realistically I think it’s just probably quite a comforting reminder for me to see examples of people traversing some bullshit and getting out the other side. Even if it is by the skin of their teeth." 

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Rob Ulitski - 11th Apr 2022


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Rob Ulitski - 11th Apr 2022

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