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The Bug ft Flowdan 'Pressure' by Denisha Anderson

Promonews - 23rd Aug 2021

Denisha Anderson directs a powerful state-of-the-nation vision of inner-city London to accompany the towering collaboration of those veterans of dance and grime, The Bug and Flowdan.

The video to Pressure - the second single from The Bug's new album Fire - begins with an intro scene designed by Anderson to reflect the opening lyrics, in which we see distorted images of Boris Johnson and Priti Patel and crowds protesting, before cutting to Flowdan. His powerful performance is delivered against the backdrop of brutalist architecture, creating the feeling of being boxed-in within the harsh concrete setting. Eventually he takes over the screens previously monopolised by politicians and protest footage.

Anderson intersects Flowdan's down-the-barrel performance with shots of the him and The Bug on the staircase of an inner London tower block, and of an urban landscape bereft of people - with the exception of two characters running away from camera, as if from an unseen threat.

The video was shot across East and South London in a day, with the intense edit that follows perfectly complementing the track. The result, from the director with videos for Oscar Jerome and Wu-Lu to her credit, is something that feels both contemporary and timeless.

“The claustrophobic energy was used to give space to those in estates, living upon one another and repeatedly ignored by those in power,” explains Anderson. “In choosing these locations, Flowdan becomes the voice of the people.

"Hence the reason for him taking over TV screens, because now is the time to listen... '...Wait for the revolution but the revolution can’t start, We affi go bludclart start it.'"

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Promonews - 23rd Aug 2021


  • New Director
  • Dance
  • Grime
  • Electronic
  • Beats
  • Protest
  • London
  • Brutalist

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Denisha Anderson
Denisha Anderson
Production Company
Executive Producer
Sorcha Shepherd
Executive Producer
Ellie Goodwin


Director of Photography
Ben Stapleton


Ben Stapleton


Megan Lee
Colour grade company


Director's Representation


Chiara Artioli
Hannah Silk Champagne
Ninja Tune


Production Coordinator
Lauren Mills
Production Coordinator
Chirolles Khalil
Colour Producer
Oliver Whitworth

Other credits


Guyver, Lucky, Calah Toussaint, Oscar T Wilson

Promonews - 23rd Aug 2021

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