Rob Ulitski - 16th July 2021

Vedran Rupic and Salvatore Ganacci are back with another collaboration and that can only mean one thing - madcap brilliance and outrageous hilarity. So buckle up for a wild ride...

When these two names appear in the same sentence, there is a certain level of absurdity one can expect, and the video for Step-Grandma delivers on all fronts. But as with the brilliant videos for Horse and Boycycle, there's more serious stuff, even social commentary going on midst the slapstick comedy, if you want to look for it. 

And in this one, Salvatore is definitely not the Hero. Like a modern, manically irreverent retelling of a Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, the deadpan Ganacci heads into the woods and observes the house of a forgetful Grandma, guarded with a paper-thin level of security - she takes a look at the photos on her wall to remember who is safe to let in.

Ganacci then breaks into Grandma's house, and changes these pictures to photos of himself - via a film camera dropped into his hands by a random squirrel. Then he is welcomed by the confused old lady into her home - but for how long? To say anything else would spoil the surprise... 

Suffice to say, it's an instant entry to the "best-of" list of the year so far. 

PRO Credits


DirectorVedran Rupic
ProducerSiamand Masoodian
Production CompanyBusiness Club Royale
Executive ProducerChristian Kuosmanen
Director of PhotographyMario Poljac
Director's Rep (UK)Riff Raff Films

Rob Ulitski - 16th July 2021

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