Rob Ulitski - 24th May 2021

Samuel Douek touches upon the pressures of fame and heartbreak in his promo for Galantis, featuring Little Mix and David Guetta. 

The video for Heartbreak Anthem is backdropped against a sci-fi burlesque world, and evokes a message of self-acceptance and self-love, intertwined in a high-concept, cinematic idea. 

The performance-focused visual is complemented by gorgeous styling and makeup, much like Douek's promo for Little Mix's Confetti, released just under a month ago. 

The glitchy, futuristic aesthetic contemporises the traditional shapes and silhouettes of the burlesque world, and elevates the bold, vibrant direction of Little Mix's new era. 

Samuel Douek: 

"The concept for Heartbreak Anthem was inspired by Angela Carter’s infamous 1984 novel Nights at the Circus, a magical realism feminist tale about freedom.

"Little Mix are the Winged Fatales, an all singing, all dancing trio who perform night after night to adoring crowds, whilst backstage they feel trapped and alone.

"As we move through the song they find happiness in their own skin alongside digital images of David Guetta and the Galantis Seafox - a symbol of liberation." 

PRO Credits


DirectorSamuel Douek
ProducerErsan Beskardes
Production CompanyBELIEVE MEDIA
Executive ProducerCAMP PRODUCTIONS
Executive ProducerAlexa Haywood
Production ManagerJack Wiles
1st ADChris Malin
Director of PhotographyStefan Yap
Focus PullerOliver Bingham
SteadicamBeau Pritchard James
EditorSamuel Marr
ColouristMyles Bevan
Post production companyTime Based Arts
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK
Other credits2nd AD - Jess Horne AD Runners - Zoe Gunn, Jonny Powell Production Runners - Michael Baugh, Katie Beddoe, Samuel Fullerton Director’s Assistant - Isabelle Gzowski Post Producer - Sean Ewins

Rob Ulitski - 24th May 2021

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