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AJ Tracey ‘Anxious’ by KC Locke

David Knight - 9th Mar 2021

KC Locke creates a brilliant showcase for the talents of AJ Tracey - and his own - in the video for Anxious.

With the pacing and production values of a big action movie, Locke takes us through AJ's world. And very aspirational it is too. The car, the restaurant, the girl - and the bird's eye view over the city - it's all presented with a superior level of slickness.

And this is also a love letter to London, in a way that will definitely transcend the times in which it was made. As the director explains below, he has used every trick in the book - well, nearly - to make this a convincing epic, to show AJ on top of his world.



Every transition cut was planned and motivated to carry the viewer through the video.

"Anxious to me is a statement piece bringing together multiple filmmaking disciplines into one second-by-second planned music video. Tracking vehicles with police escorts through London to epic CGI greenscreen scenes to precision motion control to Steadicam and handheld moments, this video has it all.

"I spent hours planning out each scene and how it would transition into the next world. Every transition cut was planned and motivated to carry the viewer through the video. This has now become one of the styles I am becoming known for and I’m really enjoying pushing myself with each project and raising the stakes each time I approach a project.

"The video itself is tailor-made for AJ, including personal Easter eggs and references, from the novikov beef tacos we had specially made to match AJ's favourite dish and restaurant, to his favourite car to expensive taste in jewellery. 

"These details combined with the strong team I have around me has crafted a piece of work I am VERY proud of. From the production of producer Lewis Nicholson, PM Ella Taylor-Palfrey, and EP/agent Marisa Garner, to our production designer Jenny O’Sullivan to DOP Joe Douglas to the epic edit from Jamil Shaukat - the vision was carefully considered and delivered to exactly how I imagined it."

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David Knight - 9th Mar 2021


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KC Locke
Lewis Nicholson
Production Company
Swords & Eagles
Executive Producer
Marisa Garner
Production Manager
Ella Taylor-Palfrey
1st AD
Luke Goodrich


Director of Photography
Joe Douglas
1st AC
Jeff Vine
2nd AC
Christian Swain


Nick Platt


Production designer
Jenny O’Sullivan


Aga Dziedzic
Hannah Sorcha


Jamil Shaukat
Editing company
Swords & Eagles


Jason Wallis
Colour grade company


Director's Representation


Motion control
G6 Moco

David Knight - 9th Mar 2021

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