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FKA Twigs 'Home With You' by FKA Twigs

Ned Botwood - 9th Oct 2019

FKA Twigs self-directs this beguiling (and unexpectedly relatable) video for Home With You, a French Exit anthem in which the singer and her friends escape London in the dead of night.

When you encounter an artist as distinctive as FKA Twigs, it’s easy to overlook the variety on offer in their output - to imagine each new project as just a small piece of a singular body of work. Over the past seven years, Twigs has developed a very specific mythology, a subversive blend of humanity, warmth and discomfort - encompassed in several key motifs. In a handful of FKA Twigs videos, you can be sure that dance will feature, landscapes will distort, forms will collapse, and inevitably, water will pour. 

These videos are often so impressive, you can immerse yourself completely in their spectacle without questioning their meaning or motivation. In Andrew Thomas Huang’s video for Cellophane, Twigs climbs a golden pole, attacks a skeletal doppelgänger with her platform shoe, and tumbles into a womb-like mound of red mud. She is then covered in said mud by a pair of masked older women. Who hasn’t been there, right? The narrative is incredibly moving, but at a gut frequency that is difficult to describe. Twigs’ preference for instinctive self-expression pays off.

The video for Home With You marks something of a departure, in that it is so direct. Without letting go of her trademark abstractions, Twigs settles on an everyday, low-stakes sensation. Specifically, the urge to get the hell out of Stoke Newington and go home. The video is a kind of triptych, following the singer from the basement of Bar-A-Bar on Kingsland, out to the suburbs in a car with her dancer entourage, and into a smothering, Midsommar-esque community in the countryside. 

The car sequence, in particular, is a standout in the artist’s oeuvre. The choreography by Twigs and Theo TJ Lowe viscerally captures the complexity of escape. All the excitement, affection and trepidation that accompanies a long journey home. This knotty dynamic between different sensations is at the heart of FKA Twigs’ work, and grounded in the reality, it finds a salient expression in this video.

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Ned Botwood - 9th Oct 2019


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FKA Twigs
Tabetha Glass-Jackman
Production Company
Executive Producer
Morgan Clement
1st AD
Jack Meredith


Director of Photography
Rina Yang


Art Director
Zach Apo-tsang


Virginie Moreira
Matthew Josephs
Ed Marler


Theo TJ Lowe
FKA Twigs


Jamie Foord
Editing company
Rock Paper Scissors


Lewis Crossfield
Colour grade company
Time Based Arts


Young Turks


Performance director
Theo Adams

Other credits


Flora Thefaine, Tania Dimbelolo, Iona Lily Mcguire, Eloise Sheldon, Cuchira, Zee Zunnur, Yiota Theo, Sophia Brown, Kikz Katika

Special Thanks

Innitbabes, Andrew Thomas Huang, Ramario Chevoy, Tabetha Glass-Jackman, Suzi Simms, Chris Murdoch, Ali Gill.

Ned Botwood - 9th Oct 2019

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