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Sam Smith 'How Do You Sleep' by Grant Singer

Ned Botwood - 26th July 2019

Sam Smith astonishes in this instant classic by Grant Singer, choreographed by Parris Goebel. Dragged into a video within a video, Smith ponders heartache and resentment between a troupe of shirtless dancers and a crash test robot.

It’s easy to be wistful about a bygone era of shiny event videos. Enormous studio affairs, dripping in extravagance and stuffed with thrilling, superfluous set-pieces. You want Madonna giving a sermon on a swan gargoyle. Prince in his church bathtub. Bjork yelling from the back of a lorry. Next time you’re feeling nostalgic, spare a thought for Grant Singer - this is what he does. Think instead of Lorde stomping on top of an Uber. Of the Weeknd storming through a house with a pink crucifix. Or of Troye Sivan strutting through a factory in a big silk cape.

This may be the second single from Smith’s upcoming project, but this video feels like a statement of intent. There is a parallel between this dance-driven video and My My My, Grant Singer’s earlier video for Troye Sivan. Sivan spoke glowingly of his experience on My My My, an opportunity for to be visibly and unapologetically queer. Sam Smith already made a foray into the ballroom scene for Promises. But in this video, he is front and centre, fresh from lessons with Parris Goebel, the choreographer behind Justin Beiber’s internet-busting video for Sorry. You’ve never seen a mainstream, male songwriter vogue quite like this.

Ned Botwood - 26th July 2019


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Grant Singer
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Director of Photography
Guillermo Garza


Parris Goebel


Ricky Gausis
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Director's Representation
Lark Creative

Ned Botwood - 26th July 2019

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