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The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk 'Starboy' by Grant Singer

Cat Velez - 30th Sept 2016

The Weeknd kills his former self - smashing his previous accolades and cutting off his infamous Basquiat locks - in what must be the slickest, neon-tinged video of the year so far, directed by long-term collaborator Grant Singer.

It's a bold way to go about things. But Starboy - the newfangled version of the singer - seems like the audacious type, showing up at his record company in a leather jacket and wearing a diamond-incrusted cross necklace, he literally suffocates his former self before wielding a massive radiant, neon-pink cross and destroying all past symbols of his success. 

Then he walks along his car collection in his garage and settles on a McLaren, stealing off into the night with a panther by his side. As you do. I guess there's no room for two Abęls in this town. 

Cat Velez - 30th Sept 2016


  • R&B

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Cat Velez - 30th Sept 2016

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