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CamelPhat ft Jake Bugg 'Be Someone' by The Sacred Egg

CamelPhat ft Jake Bugg 'Be Someone' by The Sacred Egg

Ned Botwood - 17th July 2019

Identical twins choose similar paths towards oblivion, in this Shakespearean family drama for British DJ-producer duo Camelphat.

After saying goodbye to one another at a funeral, the brothers look for adoration in different places: one becomes a rockstar, the other becomes the leader of a cult. Through their search for control, they both spiral into self-destruction. They meet twice again. The first time, at the top of their game, they argue. But the second time, they meet under much graver circumstances. 

Charley Palmer Roe - who you may recognise as the spooky supporting character in absolutely everything - gives an alarming performance as both twins. The similarities between their separate lives are impressively realised with analogous compositions and match-cutting. The visual conceit drives the narrative, and there is exceptional work here by DoP Dustin Lane - shooting monochrome, as he did to award-winning effect for Alt-J’s Mexican epic 3WW - and the director's regular editing collaborator Sam Bould. 

The Sacred Egg are still fairly fresh from their roles as second unit directors for Bohemian Rhapsody, and you can draw certain parallels between the Mercury biopic and this more insidious story. The duo are savvy enough to show us only a glimpse of this world before the video ends, leaving you curious. Who was the father of these men? Why were they drawn to take these paths and do the things they did?


We managed to find a premise that was both a narrative and a conceptual idea, that we could also make work with the structure of the tune.

"When this one landed in our inbox it felt like an opportunity to do something a little different to what we usually do. I think the feeling was this was a great opportunity to work more with actors. We managed to find a premise that was both a narrative and a conceptual idea at the same time, that we could also make work with the structure of the tune. An idea that could also give us a little euphoria when needed.

"The video would have never got off the ground if it wasn’t for the faith in the idea from Sony and the financial backing from Riff Raff. Production-wise we achieved a lot over the course of two and a half days in Cape Town, thanks to Orange Films who once again threw the kitchen sink at it. I thought Dustin Lane did a great job with the cinematography, Sam Bould with the edit and Charlie Palmer Rothwell’s performance speaks for itself.

"Thanks to all those involved. Special thanks to Matt, Nat, Jess, Richard (and the Orange team), the MPC guys, Sophie and Mike (who made a little go along way)."

Watch 'CamelPhat ft Jake Bugg 'Be Someone' by The Sacred Egg' here

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Ned Botwood - 17th July 2019


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The Sacred Egg
Jess Bell
Production Company
Executive Producer
Natalie Arnett
1st AD
Brett Hodgkinson


Director of Photography
Dustin Lane


Art Director
Mike Berg


Sophie Fraser


Lead actor
Charlie Palmer-rothwell


Sam Bould
Editing company


Duncan Russell
Colour grade company


Post production company
Post Producer
Ryan Hancocks


Kat Cattaneo
Dan Millar
Sony Music


Service Company
Orange Films
Service Producer
Richard Moerdyk

Ned Botwood - 17th July 2019

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