Luke Bather - 18th Apr 2017

Young Replicant's video for Alt-J is a beautiful death march frozen in time.

The six-minute black & white clip is a moody, poetic journey into the afterlife. Time around the grief-stricken in this small Mexican community slows almost to a standstill as they mourn the loss of a young woman - who is seen alive with her grandmother in the first moments of the piece.  

Then a journey across a desert comes with unforeseen hardships - and we as an audience experience these moments of struggle as if they last forever thanks to some excellent post production work. A perfect, morbid, visually arresting resurrection story – released, approrpriately, at Easter.

PRO Credits


DirectorYoung Replicant
Director of PhotographyDustin Lane
Executive ProducerRik Green
ProducerSarah Park
CommissionerAndrew Law
LabelInfectious Music

Luke Bather - 18th Apr 2017

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