Ned Botwood - 28th June 2019

Tove Lo gets a bit carried away with her breakup advice, travelling all over the world in this “I can’t believe they did that!” video by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia.

When best her pal calls, dumped and heartbroken, Tove Lo excuses herself from a lunch date to give her the talk. We’ve all had to give our friend a variation of this pep talk: he’s the worst, you’re great, you’re better off without him, etc… If you want the message to stick, you have to accept you’re going to be on the phone a long time.

And in a phone conversation that seems to last forever, Tove Lo absentmindedly walks into a desert, then to the arctic, then through a hurricane. She rides a freight train, commits a murder, goes to prison, and escapes with the help of her prison-wife. Then she returns with a new passport and identity, in time to pay the bill for her lunch date.

The video is spectacular and sweeping, and another tour de force of concept and VFX by the Israeli directors that brought us the joys of Coldplay's Up & Up, and DJ Snake's Magenta Riddim

But it's also a great showcase for Tove Lo's dry, high-concept humour. The Swedish singer plays these increasingly ridiculous scenarios completely straight. And her grounding influence makes this video a warm tribute to friendship, the sentiment being, “I’ll climb a mountain for you, you lovesick idiot.”

PRO Credits


DirectorVania Heymann
DirectorGal Muggia
ProducerNatan Schottenfels
Production CompanyIconoclast France
RepresentationLark Creative
Director of PhotographyMenno Mans
EditorGal Muggia
EditorVania Heymann
Creative DirectorCharlie Twaddle
VFXVania Heymann
VFX CompanyPhenomena Labs
Stylist (Artist)Annie & Hannah
Hair & Make-up (Artist)Korey Fitzpatrick
Make-up (Artist)Colby Smith
Art DirectionMisha Levchenko
Executive ProducerAlbert Zurashvili
Production ManagerMax Matveev
Production CoordinatorGena Shevchenko
Production AssistantEugene Slavnyi
1st ADGrits Makarenko
2nd ADVadim Yuzba
Other creditsColor & Title Design: Tal Baltuch Sound Design: Shlomi Attias FX Simulations: Phenomena Labs Matchmove: PEANUT Casting: Nohmad (Paris), Eva Vollmar (Berlin), Ziv Mamon (Tel-Aviv) Production Supervisor: Matt Oehlberg Treatment Design: Eliel Ford Tove Team - BTS: Garret Guidera Production Service Kiev: Executive Producer: Albert Zurashvili Producer: Yulia Foster Props: Yulia Dubitskaya Costume Designer: Valentin Bren Makeup: Dasha Taivas Second Unit DP: Denis Luschik Head of bidding: Marina Karmolit Chaparone: Nikita Ilchenko Gaffer: Eugene Malik Focus Puller: Ilya Vartanian 1st AC: Dmytro Mykhailov Playback: Max Sukhovii VTR: Valentin Grib Featured Talent: Hamza Ouechtati, Lola Fuchs, Lyudmila Bezboch , Ruslan Seferov, Dima Toporinski, Sergei Matynin, Zedek Ebojan, Sandro Mateush, Sergei Koverda, Rufin Mayla Guy, Marcus Blessed , Natalie Gudlenko , Nastia Turik

Ned Botwood - 28th June 2019

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