David Knight - 13th Apr 2018

In their first video since the brilliant video for Coldplay's Up & Up, Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia get to grips with a rollicking tale about a heroic Indian fire brigade chief and his brave crew for DJ Snake's Magenta Riddim.

This is a musical comedy epic, told on the scale of a Bollywood blockbuster with the additional distinctive qualities, and brilliant visual touches, of Heymann and Muggia's VFX-enhanced action. Filmed in a small Telangana town in southern India, DJ Snake joins forces with the local firefighters who can't stop dancing and as they ride around town, putting out the unusual number of fires in and around the town - until they take their neon-lined fire truckontheir biggest challenge yet. 

Many of the actors and video crew for the Magenta Riddim clip are local artists who are a part of Tollywood, which is the name for India's Telugu-speaking film industry. Two of them, Dayanand Mamilla as the chief, and B.Anki Reddy as an observant fire fighter, are at the heart of the story's surprising twist in the tale.

So the video ends on a downbeat, even disillusioned note, and DJ Snake, Heymann and Muggia's message is perhaps in keeping with the times. Our heroes and leaders are rarely as saintly as they appear.

PRO Credits


DirectorVania Heymann
DirectorGal Muggia
ProducerNatan Schottenfels
Production CompanyIconoclast
Executive ProducerNatan Schottenfels
Executive ProducerFrancesco Colombo
Director of PhotographyArnau Valls Colomer
EditorGal Muggia
EditorVania Heymann
VFXTal Baltuch
VFXVania Heymann
ColouristTal Baltuch
TitlesTal Baltuch
3D ArtistOri Lotan
Other creditsFX Simulations: Phenomena Labs Additional VFX: Cinnamon VFX Sound Design: Shlomi Attias DJ Snake Stylist: Sasha Nasser News Theme Music: Assa Raviv Production Supervisor: Stephen Predisik Storyboard Artist: Yoav Shtibelman Treatment Layout & Design: Charlie Reader Production Service India: Ransom Films Producers : Salil Khurana and Suhana Sharma Line Producer : Sachin Singh Associate Producer : Unnati Agarwal Production Designer : Twisha Pal 1st Ad : Siddartha Luther 2nd Ad : Gayle Almeida 3rd Ad : Vasu 2nd unit Ad : Hemanth Sivalenka Costume Designer : Neeraja Kona Action Director : Vijay Alam Casting Director : Dileep Basava Make up : K Ramana babu Production Manager : Nadeem Shaikh Production Assistant : Saurabh Yadav Hyderabad Production : Rama Krishna Chaudhary Hyd. Production Asst : R Suresh Focus Pullers : Ananth Kathe & Sanjay Kesari Gaffer : Hitesh Sadrani Key Grip : Raj Pyro tech : K Prakash Art Asst : Sagar Agarwal CAST: Commander : Dayanand Mamilla Woke Fire Fighter : B.Anki Reddy Driver : Appala Raju Fire fighter : Mekana Lingaiah Fire fighter : Ramu.K Fire fighter : Chandra Shekhar Gaud Driver of Blue Car: Chiranjeevi. Hanumanda Pyro Boy : Harsh Roshan SK Mayor : Rama Devi Dancer: Venkateshwarulu.P Dancer : Raghu Ram Kodi

David Knight - 13th Apr 2018

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