David Knight - 4th July 2014

Bloody bloggers. Lily Allen wrote URL Badman about the internet's hipster trolls in response to the backlash she received from her song Hard Out Here. The Sacred Egg's Ed and Alex have expanded on that idea, translating the wrongness of trolling bloggers into a physical glitch. As a result, they have produced an intriguing visual effect. 

Exploiting their debatable fashion sense, Lily's keyboard cowboys get split in half, and warp into increasingly bizarre rainbows. This it was achieved in a fairly ingenious fashion - sets of twins were composited to appear as one person split in two, with individual pixels being stretched to achieve the final result.

Another strong idea by The Sacred Egg after their videos for Breach and DJ Fresh - and a deadeye hit on a unpleasant modern phenomenon. Bloody bloggers...


"We wanted to do a performance video that showcased Lily. In the lyrics she talks about bloggers. We wanted to use them visually somehow and liked the idea of turning them into a backdrop for Lily. 

"So with the help of MPC we started to develop an idea of splitting the bloggers in half and joining them up with a warping rainbow effect. The point at which the organic world meets the digital world is something we found interesting. What was key was that they felt 3 dimensional in the scene rather a 2D effect applied to the screen.“ 

"The warped, stretched effects were created by filming sets of twins on set and compositing them to appear as one. Each person was then split, with individual pixels stretched to give the final effect.”

PRO Credits


DirectorThe Sacred Egg
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerSarah Boardman
ProducerSonya Sier
Production CoordinatorBertie Berkeley
1st ADGeorge Nelson
Director of PhotographyJake Scott
Focus PullerSilvio Bersani
2nd ACBen Jones
Camera TraineeSimon Plunket
DITMike McDuffie
GafferGary Varney
GripIan Buckley
Art DirectorJerry Bland
Art Department AssistantNick Akass, Roddy Walker
Costume designerGrace Snell
Hair & Make-upLisa Zipper
ChoreographerPhoenix Taylor
Post SupervisorAdam Crocker
Post production companyMPC
EditorSam Bould
Editing companyBig Buoy
LabelWarner Brothers
CommissionerSam Seager

David Knight - 4th July 2014

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