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Soft Play 'Mirror Muscles' by Thomas Davis

Rob Ulitski - 27th Mar 2024

Thomas Davis reunites with Soft Play for another highly entertaining adventure - this time within the strange, obsessive world of bodybuilding. 

Having survived a horde of super-aggressive kids in the marvellous Punk's Dead video, Isaac and Laurie of Soft Play (fka Slaves) have repaired to the relative safety of the gym for Mirror Muscles - even if this is a place where size definitely matters. 

With a supporting cast of super-ripped bodybuilders, capable of flexing their pecs to the percussive beat of the track, the duo and the director weave lyrical cues and visual motifs resonating with the song in a succession of scenes featuring bench-pressing, oiled-up flesh, tight-fitting (and virtually invisible) attire, and laugh-out-loud moments.

It's a characteristically slick and vibrant world from Davis, featuring his trademark talent for visual humour and quick-read cameos, while focussing on the personality, wit and verbal dexterity of the band, as singer Isaac Holman delivers in a quick-fire barrage of bodybuilding-related quips.

And although Isaac and Laurie look small (ie normal) next to the hulking figures around them, they eventually strip off to reveal their own gym-work. Impressive!

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Rob Ulitski - 27th Mar 2024


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Thomas Davis
Jake River Parker
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Director of Photography
Jake Erland


Charles Gamble
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Okay Studio

Rob Ulitski - 27th Mar 2024

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