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Troye Sivan 'One Of Your Girls' by Gordon Von Steiner

Rob Ulitski - 18th Oct 2023

Following Rush and Got Me Started, Gordon Von Steiner directs his third breathtaking promo for Troye Sivan, the latest foray into a series of liberating, conceptual promos that rank amongst the most exciting of the year so far. And this time its' with a bold, playful, somewhat nostalgic studio-based concept.

The newest track from Sivan's just-released album explores the artist's relations with men who did not identify as gay, and sees him embody a "conventionally gorgeous" female alter-ego to visualise this theme. Directed by Von Steiner - Sivan’s creative director - with grading and finishing at Studio RM, the video is the throwback to the stark, dance-heavy music videos of the early Noughties.

With a photographic style reminiscent of 90's fashion shoots, the video balances a voyeuristic perspective with a confrontational gaze. The clip begins with elegant, black-and-white portraits of diverse men, but soon turns into a vision of Y2K excess - Sivan transforming into “one of the girls” he sings about, with wispy blonde locks, low-rise jeans, and glowing, sunkissed skin.  

It is a playful portal to the past, bearing the influence of Britney Spears’ fashion styling and dance choreography of the new millennium - achieved in part through expert retouching, undertaken at Studio RM, which gives skin a dewy, glistening finish. This nostalgia is also underscored by Myles Bevan's grade, in which bold skin tones and flashes of vibrant colour contrast with the plain, crisp white backdrop.

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Rob Ulitski - 18th Oct 2023


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Gordon von Steiner
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Nechama Fischer
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Kelly McGee


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Stuart Winecoff


Gordon von Steiner


Myles Bevan
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Kevin Kloecker

Rob Ulitski - 18th Oct 2023

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