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Stromae 'Fils De Joie' by Henry Scholfield

Rob Ulitski - 9th Mar 2022

Henry Scholfield reunites with Belgian superstar Stromae for the video for Fils De Joie - the first since a series of great collaborations a few years ago - and it's a jawdropping experience.  

The concept takes place in an imaginary country, and showcases the state funeral of a national hero - a courtesan - with Stromae saluting the regiments and leading the ceremony.

'Fils de Joie' (which translates as 'Sons of Joy') is the fourth track on Stromae's new album Multitude, and deals with the subject of prostitution through the prism of various characters. For its three verses, Stromae first takes the point of view of a client, then that of a manager of prostitution networks and finally that of a policeman, rather saddened by the situation. In the chorus, the Belgian puts himself in the shoes of a child of a prostitute supporting his mother and pleading for greater recognition and visibility.

Scholfield gives this a remarkable interpretation with a grand spectacle, through a huge cast of dancers, choreographed displays of miliartry precision, captured in a variety of ways including aerial shots. It's seamlessly realised with polished visual effects, whilst the unique styling feels inspired and original - after all, creating uniforms for several distinct, imaginary groups is no mean feat.

In fact, the grand scale of the project is almost overwhelming - and also poignant, as this video also skewers the martial and monumental nature of Soviet or North Korean-style ceremonials.       

Using the themes of the track as a launchpad for something more unexpected, Scholfield infuses the project with his trademark high-concept sensibilities, and Stromae brings his A-game in the dramatic performance sections. Their previous collaborations almost a decade ago, for the likes of Tous Les Memes, demonstrated that they could make wonderfully imaginative mini-musicals. This takes things to another level.

Rob Ulitski - 9th Mar 2022


  • Singer songwriter
  • Pop
  • Courtesan
  • Sex Worker
  • Performance
  • VFX
  • Funeral
  • Burial ceremony

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Henry Scholfield
Remy Solomon
Isabelle Labeylie
Production Company
Wanda Productions
Production Company
Executive Producer
Olivier Dubocage
Executive Producer
Ruben Goots
Executive Producer
Jason Felstead
Production Manager
Chloé Goueilhé
1st AD
Aleksei Smolia


Director of Photography
Pat Aldinger


Muriel Dantard
Sonia Boccara
Alicia Dubois


Marion Motin
I Could Never Be a Dancer


Gwen Ghelid
Walter Mauriot
Ellie Johnson


Arthur Paux

Rob Ulitski - 9th Mar 2022

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