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Yes, Hamlet is a play by Shakespeare. And a cigar brand. But a Hamlet is a small village. Well, not even a village, really, more like a small group of houses.

This particular Hamlet is populated with creative craftsmen, forging strong images and sounds, powerful content for new and old media, experimenting with form, structure and cutting edge technology.

With Hamlet, we have created a place where talent finds a home; directors, producers, actors and writers with memorable stories to tell. They will join in, stay for a while and then maybe move on, but never without leaving their mark.

Our Hamlet is open to anyone, visitors, guests, customers, or simply, the curious.

- HAMLET is an international production company and operates out of Brussels, Paris, Berlin and Shanghai.

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Blu Samu 'Turquoise' by Ludovic Gontrand

3 months ago


Stromae 'Fils De Joie' by Henry Scholfield

5 months ago