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Monstart 'Togetherness Harmony' by Ludovic Gontrand

Promonews - 2nd Dec 2021

A track to celebrate the opening of club culture again post-lockdown, created by six different producers on Paris-based dance label Monstart, is the jumping-off point for Ludovic Gontrand to transform a rave into an abstract, cinematic experience.

Gontrand's video for Togetherness Harmony takes a group of dancers from a neutral, club-like space into the open air, and with their palpable, visceral energy the film embodies the euphoric, hedonistic awakening of freedom, dance, and music.

Six artists contributed to the track - Blackhouse, Gipsyan, NT89, Ouanounou, Pellusje and Ultraviolet - each producer was inspired by the last ten seconds of the previous section to create their own thirty-second piece, animated by a specific emotion of six identified phases: awakening, awareness, euphoria, trance, ecstasy and release.

The film captures the essence of how electronic music makes a person feel, both physically and mentally - with the dancers letting loose as a group and in individual portraits. They achieve a form of utopia, as the act of dancing together becomes a form of salvation, and their pleasure is contagious.

Gontrand also added a touch of anarchy to the opening scene where we see a kiss between a dancer and an anti-riot police officer - a nod to a number of violent incidents towards club goers by the police force.

“Our main goal in prep was to offer to the dancers the most playful and flawless experiences on set," explains the director. "The closest we can get to a rave party or a club atmosphere; for example we had a DJ and a real rave soundsystem on set, so they can dance seven hours straight and start to feel a state of trance.”

Promonews - 2nd Dec 2021


  • New Director
  • Dance
  • Electronica
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Promonews - 2nd Dec 2021

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