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Blu Samu 'Turquoise' by Ludovic Gontrand

Rob Ulitski - 18th May 2022

Ludovic Gontrand directs a memorable promo for Brussels-based soul and hip-hop artist Blu Samu's fiery comeback. 

The promo for Turquoise is set on a beach at night, but the bathers are acting like it’s the middle of the day…snoozing, reading, and chilling out, the whole setup reminiscent of a Martin Parr photograph.

We see Blu Samu as a human torch running through the crowd, with an almost spiritual energy, illuminating the space around her. But it’s as if she’s invisible - not noticed by anyone - she’s then reborn in the healing powers of the ocean.

Amazingly, the whole concept was filmed in camera - including the potentially perilous fire special effects - and this called for careful planning and a cold night to shoot on, as well as a skilled stunt team and multiple cameras to capture the footage. 

Rob Ulitski - 18th May 2022


  • Dreamlike
  • Stunts
  • Fire
  • Ocean
  • Beach
  • Martin Parr

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Ludovic Gontrand
Clement Martorell
Production Company
Production Company
Art Mineur


Director of Photography
Antoine Cormier

Rob Ulitski - 18th May 2022

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