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Wesley Joseph 'Cold Summer' by Wesley Joseph

Rob Ulitski - 11th Feb 2022

Wesley Joseph self-directs a darkly comedic video for his track Cold Summer, about the travails of crime boss Fredrick. 

Shot in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the concept follows Fredrick - played by Joseph - on the run after escaping prison. In the narrative, Fredrick finds himself in a game of cat and mouse whilst on the hunt to bring home a mystical missing briefcase.

A vibrant, visually arresting aesthetic accompanies the melodramatic yet comedic storyline, and grandiose themes of villainy, with the expansive desert and mountainous terrain acting as a hugely cinematic backdrop to the action.  Contrasting colour palettes - along with the hypnotic visual effects and high-end art direction - lend a huge amount of production value to the project. 

Action-packed and fast-paced, it's an introduction to the next chapter of the Wesley Joseph cinematic universe, and the artist's second video since signing to Stink Rising last year. Joseph explains that the idea for the video originated while recording the music with Leon Vynehall at his studio, The Ooz.

The film feels out of this world and unfamiliar to me. So much happened so quickly...

"We talked about how I wanted to create the theme music for a supervillain's return, something that felt uneasy, tense, and eerie, yet completely encapsulating - that would feel like the perfect beginning to the next chapter," he explains. "[The song] Cold Summer started to take shape at 1am after a day of working, and as soon as we got the atmospherics and drums down we couldn’t stop playing it. We wanted to make something simple that allowed my vocal to lead and bend the vibe in each section. Creating it was freeing process I think you can hear reflected in the song.

"The supervillain concept expanded into the universe of the film, and I wanted to bring the alter-ego Fredrick a step forward in our world - making a video that felt cinematic, textured, eccentric, vivid and humourous at the same time. As the idea got bigger, more characters were drawn in, and when all the dots were connected it was a pretty unrealistic concept to shoot in the UK.

"We ended up shooting in Kazakhstan and after a ten hour flight and two days with next to no sleep, filming in deserts, old hotels and golf clubs in the mountains, we came back with the video. Luckily we had a great team out there who facilitated the idea and made it possible. The film feels out of this world and unfamiliar to me. So much happened so quickly, it’s still a beautiful lucid blur."

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Rob Ulitski - 11th Feb 2022


  • Comedy
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  • Soul
  • Kazakhstan
  • Lucid
  • VFX
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  • Narrative
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  • mysterious

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Wesley Joseph
Production Company
Executive Producer
1st AD
Zhardem Daulbayev
Service Production
Local Producer
Ali Beisekov
Stunt Co-ordinator
Baurzhan Abishev
Production Co-ordinator
Aibek Nurgaliyev
Production Co-ordinator
Dauren Karimberdy


Director of Photography
Jake Gabbay
1st AC
Amir Zarubekov
Steadicam Operator
Ilya Miller
Drone Operator
Daniil Gritsyk
Camera Mechanix
Sergey Shestakov, Arman Minbaev
Steadicam Mechanic
Sergey Samoilov


Vladimir Yakovlev
Alexander Kvasov
Alexander Grebenshchikov


Production designer
Sarah Asmail
Local Art Director
Dulat Ashimov
Art Dept Assistant
Ardak Abishev
Styling Assistant
Sofia Stepanova, Ayana Oralhan


Costume designer
Zara Asmail


Casting director
Holly Shearn


Samuel Allen


Johnny Thorpe
Colour grade company

Other credits

Hair Stylist & SFX Makeup

Galina Isakova

Technical Supplies

Backstage Helpers

Serik Serikbay, Kaiyrzhan Kairtay, Bekarys Azhike


Asan Baidauletov, Islam Dahkilgov

Costume Van Driver

Kudaibergen Tursynbek

Rob Ulitski - 11th Feb 2022

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