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Diplo ft Elderbrook & Andhim 'One By One' by Stefano Ottaviano

Rob Ulitski - 21st May 2021

Stefano Ottaviano directs a whimsical, VFX-heavy promo for Diplo, featuring Elderbrook and Andhim.

Scanning a variety of surreal, textural vignettes, the video boasts an artistic, dreamlike aesthetic, following one character as they transition from one transcendent setup to another. 

On some kind of perpetual loop, the video feels distinctly otherworldly, almost a product of the subconscious in its abstract presentation.

The narrative isn't meant to be linear, the focus here is on shapes, textures, light, colour... all the things that exist as part of our world, and bring an unexplained vibrance to the everyday. 

Rob Ulitski - 21st May 2021


  • Narrative
  • VFX
  • Dance
  • Pop
  • Abstract
  • Textural
  • Surreal
  • otherworldly

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Stefano Ottaviano
Matouš Marcinko
Production Company
Executive Producer
Carla Mooney
Executive Producer
Delwyn Mooney
Production Manager
Michael Šroubek


Director of Photography
Tomáš Kotas


Director's Representation


Sam Seager

Other credits

Director Stefano Ottaviano @stefffffffffo

Production Company Cardel @cardelent

Executive Producer Delwyn Mooney

Executive Producer Carla Mooney

Director Rep Cardel @cardelent

Service Production Company Closer

Executive Producer Matouš Marcinko @palmeerek

Line Producer Sanjin Nesimi @sanjinnesimi

Production Manager Michael Šroubek @michaelsroubek

Production Assistant Kristyna Kapounová @kristynakapounova

1st AD Janek Palovský @janekpalovsky

Choreographer Kristina Tukan Martanovicova @kristinatukan

DOP Tomas Kotas @flackotas

1st AC Filip Kettner

2nd AC Matěj Holý

Editor James Demetriou @amusethebutcher

Colourist Andrea Gomez @annie_colorist

Colourist Rep SEC Studio

Production Designer Petr Imramovský (SDD STUDIO) @mura @sddstudio

Assistant Production Designer Jenda Kruntorád @aaannn

Steadicam Operator Daniel Vagenknecht @danielvagenknecht

Grip Jan Pevný

Cinedrive Operator 1 Vít Kratochvíle

Cinedrive Operator 2 Petr Velek

Gaffer Tomáš Rudčenko

Best Boy Pavel Filip

Electrician Martin Tichý

Electrician Martin Svoboda

VFX Supervisor Vojtěch Kalenta

Projector Operator / Visuals Jan Hladil

DIT David Fila

Video Operator Filip Ostrý

Makeup Artist Sara Skrionya @sara.skrionya.mua

Stylist Marek Volf @volfmarek

Runner Julian Naglmüller

Base / Helper Jan Hrábek

Base / Helper Alfred Czital

Catering / Chef Kristýna Odermatt

Driver 1 Matyáš Homola

Driver 2 Adam Runza

Driver 3 David Bunda

BTS Photography Vojtěch Veškrna

Main Hero / Twin 1 Emma Balcarová @emma_balcar

Main Hero / Twin 2 Charlotte Balcarová @charlottebalcarova

Featured Extras 1 Vladimír Nezdařil

Featured Extras 2 Bada Diaby

Featured Extras 3 Karolina Matejkova

Featured Extras 4 Kelvin Soquessa

Featured Extras 5 Matěj Pšenička

VFX Company MADNOMAD @madnomad.vfx

VFX By Buralqy @buralqy

Buralqy Yelaman Buralkiev @yelaman

Buralqy Chingiz Eselbaev @chingiz.eselbaev

Buralqy Sanay Umirzakov @svnvsvg

VFX Producer Anuar Bazargeldi

Additional VFX Field Vojtěch Kalenta

Rotoscoping Company Root VFX

Production Manager Vipra Ajmera

VFX Supervisor Varun Walia

ROTO & Paint

Supervisor Roto Paint Firdaus Alam

Roto Artist Abhishek Bhardwaj

Roto Artist Akshay Bhardwaj

Roto Artist Pradeep Chaudhary

Roto Artist Satkar

Roto Artist Rishav Bhardwaj

Roto Artist Lalbabu Mukhiya

Roto Artist Gourav Walia

Roto Artist Bhogi Mukhiya

Roto Lead Ankit Sanchinaya

Roto Lead Javed Ansari

Special Thanks Panavision Prague

Special Thanks Switch Off Prague, Jiří Vrána (Lighting Company)

Special Thanks Lokacni CZ, Ondřej Novák (Location Company)

Special Thanks Auto Rental Praha

Tomáš Hušek (Transport Company)

Special Thanks We Are Productions

Special Thanks Vantage Prague

Special Thanks Ankali Prague

Rob Ulitski - 21st May 2021

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