Rob Ulitski - 17th May 2021

Max Siedentopf directs a brilliantly absurd promo for Glass Animals - and another Glass Animals lockdown video classic. 

Shot during the first lockdown of 2020, the concept cleverly uses a single vantage point and a super long zoom lens to uncover a world full of distorted clones and softcore body horror. 

The band's frontman Dave Bayley is rendered in 3D form and then stripped nude, bloated, twisted and rolled up to create a hallucinatory vision straight out of a Junji Ito novel.

The clones are then shown taking over various Haggerston landmarks, congregating and interacting in an increasingly surreal fashion. 

It's typically weird and wonderful work from Siedentopf - and a timely dive into the uncanny valley.


As shooting with multiple people was not allowed we decided to instead clone Dave. 

"Although it's only just been released, Space Ghost Coast was shot during the first lockdown of 2020 when shooting with a crew was impossible, and all we could really do is stay at home. So we decided to use this to our advantage and actually shoot the entire video from the balcony of my home together with a DOP who coincidentally lived in the same building.

"To make sure we stuck to social distancing rules the entire video was shot at 4am with no one around, and Glass Animals’ frontman Dave was placed 200m away from our balcony.

"As shooting with multiple people was not allowed we decided to instead clone Dave. Here the real and digital world was merged together with dozens if not hundreds of Dave clones running around our scene.

"The entire video was shot from one perspective, using a super long zoom lens so that even 200m away we could still get close to Dave - and no matter where we zoom to, we always see dancing Daves everywhere." 

PRO Credits


DirectorMax Siedentopf
ProducerKate Brady
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
1st ADTristan Chenais
Focus PullerGabriel Stanger
ColouristRichard Fearon
Post production companySalem-x
CommissionerEmily Tedrake
LabelPolydor Records
Director's RepresentationHands London
Other creditsPost Lead: Maxi Galgenmaier

Rob Ulitski - 17th May 2021

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