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Joji & Jackson Wang ft. Swae Lee & Major Lazer 'Walking' by Eoin Glaister

David Knight - 1st Nov 2019

We've been here before, most memorably with Beastie Boys' Intergalactic. But Eoin Glaister puts a whole new spin on a classic Japanese monster movie trope for Joji and Jackson Wang.

So Giant Lobster (or Crayfish?) - played by Joji - is causing terror by smashing through the city. It must be saved by Jackson, stoically operating his Giant Robot. Battle ensues amid the cardboard skyscrapers, to the unseemly delight of Jackson's girlfriend.

But just when we think that Giant Lobster is vanquished, having been summarily poleaxed by Robot, there's a twist in the tale. It's very sweet - a kind of 'snowflake' revisionism that will enrage neo-conservative lovers of Godzilla films. So that makes it great.

What's more, there's also room for an enjoyable epilogue of Joji and Jackson having great fun, mock-fighting on set - until Joji's magnificent lobster/crayfish outfit starts falling apart...

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David Knight - 1st Nov 2019


  • Comedy
  • Performance
  • Surreal
  • Alt Pop
  • Monster

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Eoin Glaister
Ryland Burns
Production Company
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
1st AD
Tasha Petty


Director of Photography
Isaac Bauman
Focus Puller
Erick Aguilar
2nd AC
Brian Austin


Ryan Oppedisano


Art Director
Miranda Lorenz


Charlie Rotberg


Jacob Mckee

Other credits

2nd AD — Brianna Ingemi

Production Coordinator — Christo Arsenio

Film Loader — Natalie Abraham

BBE — Jeffrey Taylor

Electric — Chris Waldorf

Rigging Electric — Drew Moe

Rigging Electric — Adam Schaffer

Key Grip — Henry Martinez

BBG — Annie Dean-Gannek

BBG — Channing Thompson

Grip — John Portillo

Grip — Zach Keinitz

Rigging Grip — Derick Holub

Set Decorator — Natalia Brito

Leadman — Steven Cirocco

Set Dresser — Jocelyn Rivera

Set Dresser — TJ


Martha McGuirk

Fabricator — Joel Rock

Fabricator — Kai Smiythe

Automotive Consultant

Nicholas Bell

SFX Supervisor — Tom Spera

Costume Designer — Elise Velasco

Costumer — Tess O’Melia

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Truck PA — Chris Sinclair

PA — Henry Levine
PA — Jackson Birnbaum

PA — Eric Smolen

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PA — Laphale Black

PA — Jose Ramos

Catering — Bruce Schaefer

Craft Service — Hannah Engle

Stage Manager — Chris Taube

Location Rep — Paula Montondo

Motorhome Driver — Elvis Diaz


Riley Madincea

Natasha Liu Bordizzo


Young Jackson — Hudson Chen

Bully — Oleta Tucker

Bully — Ethan Ma

Bully — Evander Goodman

Civilian — Timothy Warneke

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Edit Producer — Alice Clarke

VFX Artist And Compositor — Felix Geen

Graphic Design

Tim Brockbank

Sound Design

Aaron Taffel

Color Producer — Gosia Herman

David Knight - 1st Nov 2019

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