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Lana Del Rey 'Doin' Time' by Rich Lee

Ned Botwood - 11th Sept 2019

Look up! It’s the Queen of Monsters. Lana Del Rey plays a vengeful giantess in this woozy romp by Rich Lee.

In an allusion to the ’50s B Movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Del Rey wanders peacefully through downtown Los Angeles towards Venice Beach. Suddenly, the video changes gear. It’s revealed that this entire setup was just a sequence from a pulpy drive-in movie. A different Lana watches, replete in a blonde Shake-N-Go wig, and wonders where her no-good date has gone. Then, in a sublime fantasia, the giantess Lana dances on Venice Beach, before emerging from the screen in a blast of sand to wreak havoc in the real world.

Rich Lee is Del Rey’s current go-to director, and this video comes hot off the heels of their double video for Fuck It I Love You/The Greatest. Less recently, he directed a cosmic delight for Love. Doin’ Time was shot by Christopher Probst, ASC and edited by Logan Hefflefinger.

Allegedly, the video’s schedule forced them to shoot Lana’s elements before the backgrounds, making this a wild achievement for the crew and VFX team. You can catch a glimpse of Lee’s storyboards here.

Who knew that after all this time and speculation about her perceived authenticity, the enigmatic singer was actually guarding a wicked sense of humour. For an artist who has built an entire mythology out of restraint and careful repetition, this is an unusual deviation - a rare foray into kitsch comedy. But in a way, nothing could be more Lana Del Rey than a 50ft Lana Del Rey reclining in the LA basin on a hot afternoon. The risk paid off; this ranks amongst the her most iconic videos.

Ned Botwood - 11th Sept 2019


  • Choreography
  • Narrative
  • Pick of the Day
  • VFX
  • Pop
  • Trip hop

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Rich Lee
Clark Jackson
Production Company
Drive Studios
Executive Producer
Justin Diener


Director of Photography
Christopher Probst


Production designer
Brandon Mendez


Stylist (Artist)
Nra Kudelka


Fatima Robinson


Logan Hefflefinger


Christopher Probst


VFX Supervisor
Louise Lee

Other credits

Post Production Team

Anika Morris, Ben Thornburgh

Ned Botwood - 11th Sept 2019

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