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Catfish And The Bottlemen 'Longshot' by Jim Canty

David Knight - 11th Jan 2019

Jim Canty reunites with Catfish and the Bottlemen for the first single from their forthcoming new album, with a video that takes a simple idea and turns into an epic. It's all in the execution.

Drones have been getting some bad press lately, but here you just see how spectacular the results can be when you use one properly; to tell a story in one magnificent sweeping manoeuvre.

From the wide shot of Bottlemen lead singer Van McCann driving from a windswept Northumbrian coast, joining his bandmates under a big top to perform the song, to their departure in the same Land Rover, it's all captured in one skillfully operated move. Which is also highly appropriate for a song called Longshot.

Jim Canty explains below exactly how nailbiting this experience was - and why working with drones is highly problematic. But this has turned out to be a showcase of why they are so amazing.


If you want to use a drone - don’t bother if it’s raining or the wind is blowing more than 10mph.

"Catfish spent most of the day freezing their knackers off on the clifftop, so I’m really grateful to them for being such troopers. Van however did choose the location so he got what he deserved.

"We weren’t sure whether a single-shot would be achievable or work in the context of the creative idea but I’m really happy with the result. We ended up with about eleven full takes after many rehearsals without the band. The one we used was at the end of the day, just at the edge of useable light which gave us a lovely moody light.

"This much I’ve learned: if you want to use a drone - don’t bother if it’s raining or the wind is blowing more than 10mph."

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David Knight - 11th Jan 2019


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Gemma Stafford


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David Knight - 11th Jan 2019

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