David Knight - 1st Dec 2017

Unsigned band Strong Asian Mothers are propelled into a gripping sci-fi adventure in Tom & Amar's rollicking, hugely ambitious video for Hard To Find. 

It all starts with a vintage TV debate about the existence of extraterrestrials, before launching into a space battle inspired by a certain legendary sci-fi classic. But actually goes one better in adding a spot of psychedelic animation for good measure.


"Our initial ideas as a band for a Hard To Find video were all over the place, with the main contender actually circling around "Where’s Wally?”. I played Tom the single and he mentioned a reoccurring visual of us singing with expressionless faces while floating through space. It immediately sparked an interest with me and the band, and a week later he came back with a pretty bonkers treatment for a low budget video. I remember saying, “Amazing. Can we do this?”, and then him saying “probably not”...
so we did it anyway."


"There is a real humour to the content that Strong Asian Mothers produce so it was great fun writing something with that storytelling lens in mind. The video pays homage to a golden era of sci-fi adventure and fantasy from our childhoods, and there’s even a cartoon section in the bridge, because well … we still love cartoons and it obviously wasn’t ambitious enough!"

"We wanted to create an authentic feel so we tried to replicate film techniques from the '70s, building life size sets and miniature models. Strong Asian Mothers are an unsigned band so it was a massive collaborative effort made on a real shoe string with friends lending a hand in front of and behind the camera to bring it to life. And like all things S.A.M, they put their mothers in it too."

PRO Credits


DirectorTom & Amar
ProducerTom & Amar
ProducerIsobelle Walton
Production CompanyAgile Films
Executive ProducerHayley Williams
Director of PhotographyTom Turley
Focus PullerJoshua Dadson
2nd ACJake Butt
GafferAlex Edyvean
Art DirectorAmar Chadha-Patel
Art DirectorBenny Casey
WardrobeTaff Williamson
Hair & Make-upJess Clarke
EditorTom & Amar
ColouristToby Tomkins
Grading companyCHEAT
Post production companyAgile Films
VFXAmar Chacha-patel, Josh Everitt, Chris Dunleavy, Jae Ho Hwang, Teresa Gasco
Other creditsCAST: ​Rafiq Richards, Parminder Chadha, Amina Patel, Lena Stadlen, Tom Hampson 2D ANIMATOR: Clair Pinegar CAMERA/LIGHTING ASSISTANT: Bryan Lim DIT: Harrison Luxton SPARK: Tom Hampson SOUND RECORDIST: Nick Ager PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Kushal Gupta WARDROBE ASSISTANT: Giselle RUNNER: Ella May Kirby SOUND DESIGN & MIX: Patch Rowland @MACHINE TV SHOW MUSIC: Adam Janota Bowski MODEL MAKERS: Josh Stadlen, Sam Stadlen CAST: Alistair Donegan, Atma Amin, Adam Janota Bzowski, Ben Higgs, ​TD Van Der Beek,​ ​Kyle Jon Shepard,​ Nadine Wild Palmer

David Knight - 1st Dec 2017

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