Cat Velez - 18th May 2017

Wonderfuly cinematic and beautifully executed, Zhang + Knight have delivered this simple visual for Ghostpoet's Immigrant Boogie - which looks like an awesome start to the next Hollywood action thriller.

Set in a dystopian future, it sees a man on the run across a grey, deserted landscape.  With all his possessions strapped to himself, the gasmasked man is heavily burdened and his energy begins to dwindle. Cutting his losses, he sheds the items bit by bit, yet it may be too late...

PRO Credits


SteadicamEmilio Schlappi
DirectorZhang + Knight
Executive ProducerKatie Lambert
1st ADAfzal Robbani
Director of PhotographyAnn Evelin Lawford
Focus PullerKate Molins
2nd ACJerry Pradon
Art DirectorAlicia Howett
ProducerEmma Wellbelove
Hair & Make-upJess Buckley
EditorKit Wells
Editing companyFinal Cut
ColouristDaniel de Vue
Grading companyGlassworks
Lead actorEric Colvin
CommissionerSean Mayo
Other creditsGrip: Myles Soldenhoff Runner: Niall Garrigan

Cat Velez - 18th May 2017

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