Luke Bather - 21st Mar 2017

Fleur Fortune's compelling short film for Travis Scott is a neo-futurist, dystopian look at near-death experiences.

Shot in Detroit, the clip starts off by essentially establishing Scott as an unlikeable figure, and one in need of redemption. A brilliantly executed long takem shot in a car interior as it moves through the Detroit streets is the build up to a narrative-altering event, and one which takes this video from gritty, realistic short film territory straight into the realm of transformative experience.

A masked figure walks forwards as the world moves backward around him - buildings crumble. We assume that it's Travis himself, as he's visited from people in the earlier part of the narrative. An out-of-body experience? Purgatory? Something else entirely?

The video has a strange symmetry to it, with scenes from the first half of the 15 minute short being mirrored and echoed cleverly in this much more fantastical second act. It's an ambitious and enigmatic work - being shown exclusively on Apple Music for 90 days - that invites repeated viewing.

PRO Credits


DirectorFleur Fortune
Executive ProducerClémence Cuvelier
Line ProducerPJ Sodaski
Director of PhotographyShawn Kim
Production ManagerAndrew Chaffkin
Production CoordinatorJames McGovern
1st ADRichie Piert
Casting directorJenny Feterovich
SteadicamDennis Royes
Production designerJason Fijal
Costume designerElise Bouquet
WardrobeChristina Flannerys
EditorNicolas Larrouquere
EditorSimon Colin
EditorEmile Aubry
PostMathematic Studio

Luke Bather - 21st Mar 2017

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