David Knight - 20th Dec 2016

Whatever else happened in 2016 there was, as always, some astonishing and brilliant works of animation in music videos this year. They also came in that huge range of styles and techniques that animation allows, and the music video medium encourages.

Our pick of the animated music videos in 2016 is characterised by this eclecticism: old school hand-drawn animation to executions of high-end CGI, avant garde experimentation to stop-motion homages to previous classics (like Radiohead's Burn The Witch, above). 

So kicking off our review of the year, here's a list of 32 of the finest animated videos of 2016. They represent an window into the imagination, creativity, dedication and graft of animators in the field of music videos. And we've no doubt missed a few too... 


David Knight - 20th Dec 2016

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