Cat Velez - 7th Jan 2016

Anna Ginsburg has directed this lovely, beautifully rendered animation for Steve Mason's Planet Size.

Animated by Loup Blaster, Toby Mortimer and Ginsburg herself, we're invited into a world of colourful mushroom-headed figures living in a land of never-ending escalators and geometric shapes. One of the figures manages to break free from the monotony of his gridded world, and rediscovers the beauty of the universe above him - which takes it cue from the art of Joan Miró.


DirectorAnna Ginsburg
ProducerJoe Mortimer
AnimatorAnna Ginsburg
AnimatorLoup Blaster
AnimatorToby Mortimer
CompositorToby Mortimer
EditorAnna Ginsburg
ColouristToby Mortimer
CommissionerJonathan Bradshaw
LabelDomino Records

Cat Velez - 7th Jan 2016

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