Luke Bather - 18th May 2016

A deeply surreal and melancholic clip from New Zealand director Simon Ward sees ultra-shiny renders of humans wander listlessly around what appears to be predominantly the forecourt of an office block.

Princess Chelsea herself, appearing on an advert for her own single inside her own video, is the only true human shape in the video that isn't staring out from the uncanny valley. The video reaches a narrative and surrealist peak with the final act of bizarrely flexible dancing from the afforemention moping CGI crowd.

The entire video is bizarre, funny and sort of sad at the same time. Kind of like David Lewandowski's 'Going To The Store' and 'Late For meeting' shorts, with an added layer of existential misery.


DirectorSimon Ward
Hair & Make-upRobyn Holland
Costume SupervisorLorene Harris
Costume SupervisorPenny Scott

Luke Bather - 18th May 2016

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