Luke Bather - 14th Sept 2016

THUNDERLIPS follow up their first collaboration with Two Door Cinema Club for Are We Ready (Wreck)? by recruiting a slew of animators to deliver this ADHD videogame trip for Bad Decisions.

TDCC are propelled through the Seven Circles of Hell, and through that many animation styles. It begins cartoonish – and inanely sexualised – before very quickly melting into a Tron-style cyberscape, complete with a plethora of vehicles, then into a crude CGI whack-a-mole type scenario. Eventually the animations merge nightmarishly into one another - a full-on visual overload.


ProducerShabana Mansuri
Production CompanyGood Egg
AnimatorAnna Ginsburg
AnimatorFrances Haszard
AnimatorJack Sachs
AnimatorChris Harrison
AnimatorRob Heppell
AnimatorJoseph May
AnimatorDaniel Wyatt
CompositorKaty Wang

Luke Bather - 14th Sept 2016

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